Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Should I rent or buy a violin for my child?
A. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

When you rent a violin, the shop will exchange it for a larger size when your child outgrows it. When you buy, you need to replace each violin. The good news is that there are several places selling beginning student violins for about $100 or less. Make sure to purchase either a Kun or Everest Shoulder Rest at the same time you purchase or rent. It is an essential accessory we will need to get started.

For good deals on student outfits go online to Music, Music For Little, or Sam Ash.

Q. How Involved Should I Be In My Child's Practicing
A: In strict Suzuki programs, the parent is required to study the violin alongside the child. 
While I don't require that much involvement, it is essential that parents gain a working knowledge of the basic theory and mechanism of playing the violin so they can help the student practice at home on a daily basis.

Q: Who was Suzuki, and what is the essence of his teaching method?
A: Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) was the son of a violin maker from Nagoya, Japan. 
A self taught violinist, he believed that talent is not inherent. It can be learned in much the same way we acquire language skills, and similarly the earlier one starts the better. Suzuki identified environment and repetition as key factors to learning, and emphasized character first, ability second. His autobiography “Nurtured By Love” is highly recommended.

Q. How do I know what size violin to buy?
A. There are several different sizes of children's violins, and it is important to start them out correctly.

Have your child hold their left arm straight out as you measure the distance between where the neck joins the shoulder and the center of the palm of their hand. Use this chart to determine what size is best. It comes from a very helpful site called

Approximate Age: 3 - 5 -
14" - 15 3/8":  1/16th size
15 3/8" - 17": 1/10th size
17.1" - 17.5": 1/8th size

Approximate Age 4 - 7
17.6" - 20": 1/4 size

Approximate Age 6 - 10
20" - 22": 1/2 size

Approximate Age 9 - 11
22" - 23.5": 3/4 size

Approximate Age 9 - Adult
23.5" and up: 4/4 size

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